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Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
going to get colder from here. right now it is 37 in santa rosa. 39 in after moon bay. it's the courtesy of the storm system that moved through earlier with rain and wind. it's pushed to the south now and this arctic has remains air mass remains. the temperatures will drop into the 20s and 30s. we'll talk more about the temperatures coming up in just a bit. >>> marin county is expected to get near-freezing temperatures and the north bay may be the coldest of anyplace in the bay area. the temperatures are expected into the upper 20s overtime. tell us, what is it like there tonight? >> reporter: the sign on the bank says it's 44 degrees, and that temperature has been dropping. it was 50 degrees a half hour ago. look at the video with the people out and about doing shopping, all bundled off with their gloves and that's and their warm jackets. the colder temperatures will be up in the north bay. i just traveled up to santa rosa and it was quite cold up there, so make sure that you bring your cats and dogs inside before you go to bed tonight. >>> developing tonight. pleasanton police are sea
Dec 5, 2013 11:00pm PST
. it is 28 in santa rosa. 30 in vallejo. over toward livermore 29. south bay is 30s. 36 in half moon bay. 35 in san mateo. it will only get colder. widespread frost. on your car wind shield, there could even be black ice. we will stay that way overnight. temperatures range between 24 and 32. clear skies now. the storm will move into the bay area. it will be dropping down. we could see snow locally. >>> in richmond an arrest has been made in a gang rape case. it happened last week. coming up. >>> why he will have to wait to get his sentence. >>> making the university safer. we will share their plan next. >>> today the president of san jose state university announced harassment of a student and throughout the bay area, the president named a retired judge to lead a task force to determine what rules were broken and recommend changes for the future. a student was tormented and subjected to racial slurs. >>> coming up later in sports, russell wilson and colin kaepernick. the sharks, penguins, those stories and more. >>> freezing temperatures. 20s and 30s and rain in the afternoon. we will talk a
Dec 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
just a short while ago. 28 in santa rosa. otherwise, we're in the 30s with the exception of san francisco where it's still 43 degrees at this hour. a freeze warning is in effect for almost the entire bay area except san francisco. a hard freeze for the delta, the dark blue on the screen, and it means it will be even colder there were. we'll see wide-spread froze tonight and subfreezing temperatures in a number of place, ranging from 24 to 32 and icy roads possible. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a minute. >>> the north bay is expected to be hit again with the bitter cold with santa rosa and napa expected to see temperatures weld below freezing. we are live tonight in walnut creek. how cold is it there? >> reporter: it's 26 degrees, and that temperature has been going down all night long. there were fewer shoppers than usual in downtown walnut creek. a few were out and about braving the elements as best as they could. >> i'm wearing two sweat shirts and a coat and i'm feeling cold. i'm not having a good time. >> i'm not wearing as many layers and i'm very cold. >>
Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
into the up per teens. we're in the middle of an arctic outbreak in california. santa rosa, 23 degrees. fairfield, the 20s. livermore, upper 20s. freezing for the south bay, 32 tonight. as we go through the day tomorrow, we have a cold start and it won't warm up very much. look for afternoon highs in the mid-to upper 40s, so a cool day at candle stick park for the game. >>> police are warning fans to keep the peace. extra offices will be in attendance and you probably won't recognize them. >> security is tight for the game. even the media is being turned away at gates. this is an example what police don't want to happen in sunday's matchup. this is a parking lot fight that broke out last season. fans need to keep their hands to themselves. offices i will will pose as fans. and there beal more will be more dequeue fans decoy fans out there than you think. the 49ers are 8-4 and fighting to get back into the season. >>> oakland is official keeping the a's. they let the team know today that their bid has been denied. a letter showed up in court documents last night. they admitted to the le
Dec 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
will be colder tonight, about 5 degrees. around 20 or teens for santa rosa, napa, fairfield. east bay valleys, bay side with oakland and hayward freezing. colder than freezing for most of the south way. in the afternoon we will see a rebound in temperatures. look for low 50s with upper 40s. here is the 7-day. it does get better as far as the cold weather goes. the highs will return to the low 60s as we return to the weekend. the morning temperatures will return as well. friday and again sunday. vicki. >>> a man in vallejo is fighting for his life after he was found with multiple gun shot wounds in front of an elementary school. >> reporter: the victim died. the details are vague. witnesses are not cooperating. paramedics were performing cpr on the victim. the man in his 20s had multiple gun shot wounds at 2:45 in the afternoon at whitney and pomona avenue. they were searching the school for clues as to where, why, and how he was shot. the victim was taken away by ambulance to the hospital with serious injuries. they hope to learn more details once he is out of surgery. >>> there are a million
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5